Dedicated to providing California school districts with independent strategic, technical and quantitative financial advice


Our overriding goal is to provide our clients with independent strategic and technical advice.

We achieve our goal by having in-depth knowledge of our client’s culture, obstacles, priorities, and goals. The first priority in developing a client program or solution is to assess our client’s situation while taking into consideration political, financial, economic, and administrative factors. This is done by listening and interacting with each client to formulate a basis to present options. We draw upon our knowledge of best practices utilized in both the public and private sectors in crafting individualized programs and solutions. We use extensive quantitative modeling techniques and real-time economic data when performing our analysis.

We develop a multitude of options supported by research, analysis and real-time information and vet the advantages and disadvantages of each option with our clients. Through this process, our clients are able to implement a solution in which they have ownership.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we provide attentive customer service, supported by experienced senior-level involvement in every aspect of the implementation process. We customize and implement services and technology that are aligned with our clients’ goals.

We provide ongoing administrative and management services to support the results of our programs and services. We view our client relationship with a long-term perspective and do not value our clients on a transactional basis.